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Medical Scales
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Weighing solutions
for healthcare professionals

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Industrial Scales
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Scales for industrial applications.

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Food & Retail
Scales & Equipment

Accurate and efficient
retail and food scales

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Scales & Equipment

Scales for high precision weighing requirements

Scales for All Industries

At Just In Scales in Perth, we offer an extensive range of weighing scales for most personal applications and industries. We can supply your business with functional and precise industrial, medical, scientific, retail, food and laboratory weighing scales. Just In Scales has developed and maintains an excellent reputation for providing weighing solutions which are accurate, durable and of the highest quality. Our weighing equipment is also extremely user friendly and easy to operate, providing a well-designed control mechanism and user interface. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly team members about a weighing solution for your business, please call us today!

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Just In Scales offers a comprehensive range of scales for industrial applications including industrial counting scales, hanging scales, platform scales, crane scales and wet area and dustproof scales.

Just In Scales offers an extensive range of weighing solutions for healthcare professionals. Our range of medical scales includes bariatric scales, pharmacy scales, medical mechanical scales, bench and platform scales and wheel chair weighers. Check out our NEW TGA Approved items !

Just In Scales offers a wide range of accurate and efficient retail and food scales for check out stations and other retail applications. Our range includes food hanging scales, platform and bench scales, in line check weighers, price computing scales and wet area scales.

Just In Scales offers a comprehensive range of laboratory scales for high precision weighing requirements. We stock analytical scales, compact scales, mini digital scales, moisture analysers, scientific scales and high-precision scales.

Why Choose Us?

At Just In Scales, our team has over 50 years of experience in the scale industry in Australia and internationally, both as a scales supplier and distributor, and as a scale servicing company. Our sales and servicing team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is passionate about providing exceptional and personalised service to all of our clients.

Just In Scales offers an extensive range of functional, durable and user friendly weighing solutions for your business. We provide industrial, medical, retail, scientific and laboratory scales for most industries and applications, and have developed and maintained a reputation for the excellent quality of our products. Our products are carefully selected from the world’s most respected and well-known brands such as A&D Australasia, Ohaus, Nuweigh, Shekel, Adam Equipment, Seca, and many more.

Just In Scales also offers scale hire, both short and long term, and service contracts through our licensed service department. We also provide quality assurance scale calibrations and calibrations for trade use, and can provide test masses and weight sets ranging from 1mg upwards, in a range of sensitivities. At Just In Scales, our friendly and professional service team can also regularly service and calibrate your scales, ensuring that they perform accurately and are long-lasting.

At Just In Scales we offer only the highest quality products, and are determined to find the perfect weighing solution for your business. Please contact us  We are here to help!

Scale Servicing

At Just In Scales, we offer a range of services to ensure that your scales remain accurate and reliable. Many factors can interfere with scale calibration such as temperature, intense usage and improper maintenance. With regular servicing and calibration, our servicing team can maintain your scales in an ‘as new’ condition, ensuring that they remain precise and are long-lasting.

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