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Top of the range counting scale featuring 500 ID memories,count accuracy,standard RS232 interface and second platform facility. Counting scale capacities range from 500g to 50kg. The FC500Si and FC 5000Si scales have a count accuracy of 1 in 10,000,000.
10,000 displayed divisions for maximum.accuracy
Counting scale has three years warranty
High internal resolution of 1,000,000 counts for accurate parts counting
Memory storage for up to 500 ID,unit & tare weights,and alpha-numeric item code
Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack Option
Remote platform option allows bulk counting
Comparator function triggers HI/OK/LO alarms
Navigator function with LEDs increases ease of use and efficiency of counting scale
Universal Flex Coms (UFC) allows you to format the printout


Model Capacity Dimensions
FC-500Si 500g x 0.02g 128 x 128mm
FC-5000Si 5kg x 0.02g 165 x 165mm
FC-5000i 5kg x 0.5g 300 x 280mm
FC-10Ki 10kg x 1g 300 x 280mm
FC-20Ki 20kg x 2g 300 x 280mm
FC-50Ki 50kg x 5g 300 x 280mm
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