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These are high capacity cales suitable for use in hostile environments. With IP65 level protection and a column mounted indicator the GP Warrior scale is ideal for working with products that produce spills or debris. Features capacities up to 101kg.
High resolution down to 0.1g
Trade Approved by NMI Australia
Industry leading 5 years warranty
Utilises the revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor
IP-65 protected to withstand harsh environments
Internal Calibration using motor driven masses
Vacuum fluorescent display element
Multiple weighing units
Wide range of capacities and resolutions
Maximum capacity 101 kg
Overload protected to take hard use
Adjustable environmental settings to match your needs
Piece counting software as standard
Percentage comparison weighing software as standard
Built in HI/GO/LO comparator for check weighing
Sealed keypad protecting against spills and dust
Standard RS232C serial data interface
Supplied with WinCT communication software
Comparator output option
Under hook weighing options
Trade Approved N.S.C. Certificate 6/4C/219 (Exception: The GP-40KA is NOT trade approved.)

Trade: Trade

GP 12KA12000g x 0.1g384 x 344mm
GP 20KA21000g x 0.1g384 x 344mm
GP 30KA31000g x 0.1g384 x 344mm
GP 32KA6.1/31kg x 0.1/1g384 x 344mm
GP 40KA41000g x 0.5g384 x 344mm
GP 61KA61kg x 0.1g384 x 344mm
GP 100KA101kg x 1g386 x 346mm
GP 102KA61/101kg x 1/10g386 x 346mm
GP-30KS31kg x 0.1g386 x 346mm
GP-32KS6/31kg x 0.1/1g386 x 346mm
GP-60KS61kg x 1g386 x 346mm
GP-61KS61kg x 0.1g386 x 346mm
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