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Triple range trade approved platform scales. Capacities up to 220kg. Choice of Liquid Crystal or Flourescent green display.
Liquid Crystal [HV-KGL series] or Vacuum Fluorescent [HV-KGV series] display
Trade approved by NMi Australia
Triple range scales to give the best resolution
Rugged and Reliable operation
Standard RS232C serial data interface
Software includes counting,batching & % functions
Full digital calibration (FDC) ensuring accurate and simple calibration
NSC approved for trade Certificate 6/9C/268
Single point overload protected loadcell
Built in comparator function with automatic full feed/dribble feed control

Trade: Trade

HV-15KGL3/6/15kg x 1/2/5g250 x 250mm
HV-60KGL15/30/60kg x 5/10/20g330 x 424mm
HV-200KGL60/150/220kg x 20/50/100g390 x 530mm
HV-15KGV3/6/15kg x 1/2/5g250 x 250mm
HV-60KGV15/30/60kg x 5/10/20g330 x 424mm
HV-200KGV60/150/220kg x 20/50/100g390 x 530mm
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