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A low cost Bench Scale,the SJ-HS is ideally suited to any basic weighing application. Featuring Trade Approved capacities up to 12 kg and Non Trade capacities up to 30kg with a settling time of less than 1 second the SJ-HS will meet all product packing requirements.
Fast Weighing Response
One year warranty
Large 25 mm LCD
Durable Casing
Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
Full Digital Calibration
Status Indicators
Automatic Power Off function
Dual Power Supply
Spirit Level & Adjustable feet
Light Weight
Some models approved for trade on NMI Certificate 6/4C/255


SJ-1000HS 1kg x 1g 230 x 190mm
SJ-2000HS 2kg x 2g 230 x 190mm
SJ-5000HS 5kg x 5g 230 x 190mm
SJ-12KHS 10/12kg x 10/20g 230 x 190mm
SJ-20KHS 20kg x 10g 230 x 190mm
SJ-30KHS 30kg x 20g 230 x 190mm
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