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The popular SW Series is a heavy duty scale with a protection level of IP-69K. Ideally suited for the harshest environment where even good quality waterproof devices are found wanting. Suitable for regular high pressure hosing and cleaning.
Trade Approved by NMI Australia

Model Capacity Dimensions
SW-6KS 6kg x 2g 250mm x 250mm
SW-15KS 15kg x 5g 250mm x 250mm
SW-15KM 15kg x 5g 300mm x 380mm
SW-60KM 60kg x 20g 300mm x 380mm
SW-150KM 150kg x 50g 300mm x 380mm
SW-60KL 60kg x 20g 390mm x 530mm
SW-150KL 150kg x 50g 390mm x 530mm
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