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Bench mount or floor mount range of exceptional value platform scales. A choice of AC or Battery power operation. Optional data and control outputs available. Trade Approved NMI Certificate 6/9C/289 (except for new FG-31KBM and FG-31KAM models) New Super High 1g accuracy models: FG-31KBM (30kg x 1g) & FG-31KAM (30kg x 1g) High Res Mode Selectable: 2g on FG-30,5g on FG-60,10g on FG-150 Your choice of floor mount with column or bench mount without column Counting Function (piece weight calculated from sample qty of items) Comparator Function (HI LO OK displayed for checkweighing,optional output for control signals) Dual Power Supply (use either AC power or 4 x C cell batteries) source Auto Power Off (scale switches off automatically after a period of inactivity to preserve battery) Environment Setting (adjust the scale response time to suit its location i.e. heavy vibration areas) Optional RS232C Interface (FG-23) Optional RS232 & Comparator Relay Output (FG-24) Two Platform Sizes (300x 380 mm and 390 x 530 mm) Roller feet are optional extras (not standard)

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FG-60KAL 60kg x 0.02kg 390 x 530mm
FG-150KAL 150kg x 0.05kg 390 x 530mm
FG-30KAM 30kg x 0.01kg 300 x 380mm
FG-60KAM 60kg x 0.02kg 300 x 380mm
FG-150KAM 150kg x 0.05kg 300 x 380mm
FG-30KBM 30kg x 0.01kg 300 x 380mm
FG-60KBM 60kg x 0.02kg 300 x 380mm
FG-150KBM 150kg x 0.05kg 300 x 380mm
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