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The OHAUS Valor 4000 water resistant food scale raises the industry standard through its use of touchless operations combined with unmatched speed,durability and choice of stainless steel or plastic housing designs. The large LED front and rear displays,certified food-safe design and puncture resistant keypads are more reasons for selecting the Valor 4000 as your premier scale for use in legal for trade dry or washdown environments.
Legal for Trade certifications and food-safe washdown design that's NSF Certified and supports HACCP Certified systems ensure that the Valor 4000 meets or exceeds most demanding commercial applications in dry or wet environments.
Near instantaneous display of weighing results and advanced touchless operations designed into the rear of the scale increases productive operations of the scale. Additional software for checkweighing and percent weighing add to the practical versatility of the Valor 4000 scale.
The Valor 4000's IPX8 flow-thru design channels fluids that may enter the housing to strategically located drain holes,and ensure the scale remains clean and operational. The Valor 4000 also uses a polycarbonate keypad that can handily survive abuse from knives or sharp instruments used daily in demanding food preparation,processing and portioning applications.

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V41PWE1501TAU1.5kg x 0.2g190 x 242mm
V41PWE3TAU3kg x 0.5g190 x 242mm
V41PWE6TAU6kg x 1g190 x 242mm
V41PWE15TAU15kg x 2g190 x 242mm
V41XWE1501TAU1.5kg x 0.2g190 x 242mm
V41XWE3TAU3kg x 0.5g190 x 242mm
V41XWE6TAU6kg x 1g190 x 242mm
V41XWE15TAU15kg 2g190
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