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An economical choice for your basic weighing needs. With an accumulation mode and multiple units of measure,Valor 1000 scales feature a removable stainless steel weighing platform,and a mid-profile ABS plastic housing with leveling adjustment. Each scale also comes an internal rechargeable battery for ultimate portability and convenience.
LCD with blue backlight
ABS plastic design is NSF listed/certified,supports HACCP systems
Software for weighing and checkweighing

Trade: Non Trade

V11P33kg x 0.5g250 x 180mm
V11P66kg x 1g250 x 180mm
V11P1515kg x 2g250 x 180mm
V11P3030kg x 5g250 x 180mm
V11P3T3kg x 0.5g250 x 180mm
V11P6T6kg x 1g250 x 180mm
V11P15T15kg x 2g250 x 180mm
V11P30T30kg x 5g250
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