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Reliable and accurate price computing with up to 30 PLU's (Price Look Up's). Robust design running on mains power. Capacities up to 30kg. Trade approved by NMI Australia.
Dual range operation for maximum accuracy
Trade approved by NMI Australia
One year warranty
Stainless steel pan is ideal for the food industry
Choice of display type and power source
SFA Series has a Tower,VF Display and mains only power
SFB Series has a Tower,LC display and dry battery or AC adaptor power
All models have 30 slot Price Look Up memory

Trade: Trade

SF-6KA3/6kg x 1/2g300 x 280mm
SF-15KA6/15kg x 2/5g300 x 280mm
SF-30KA15/30kg x 5/10g300 x 280mm
SF-6KB3/6kg x 1/2g300 x 280mm
SF-15KB6/15kg x 2/5g300 x 280mm
SF-30KB15/30kg x 5/10g300 x 280mm
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