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Scale Servicing

At Just In Scales, we offer a range of services to ensure that your scales remain accurate and reliable. Many factors can interfere with scale calibration such as temperature, intense usage and improper maintenance. With regular servicing and calibration, our servicing team can maintain your scales in an ‘as new’ condition, ensuring that they remain precise and are long-lasting.

Our qualified and experienced team services all scales, balances and weighbridges. We will regularly and routinely service and calibrate your scales, correcting any calibration errors to maintain your scales’ accuracy and precision. Our servicing team will log each scale service, and manage an alert and ‘reminder’ system, to inform you that a service is required. At Just In Scales, we also have a team of mobile technicians who will respond promptly to any technical difficulties you might be experiencing with your scales.

At Just In Scales, we can also conduct quality assurance reporting, generating a detailed report based on rigorous examination of the condition of your scales. Our quality assurance process will also satisfy any relevant quality assurance requirements for your business. Our servicing team is also licenced to conduct National Measurement Institute (NMI) calibrations, to approve your scales for trade use.

If you would like more information about the services we offer, please contact us now.

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  • Unit 10, 45 Tomlinson Road,
    Stage 2, Welshpool Trade Centre
    Welshpool, WA, 6106
  • Phone: (08) 9458 5060
  • Fax: (08) 9451 3102
  • Email: sales@justinscales.com.au
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